Air Purification Systems – Lexington, Kentucky

Air Purification Systems in Lexington, Kentucky

Air Purification Lexington KentuckyNo matter where you live or work in Lexington, Kentucky, it is possible that the quality of the indoor air that you breathe each day is severely compromised. Most of the untreated air found inside homes and offices is filled with a number of disease-causing contaminants including viruses, allergens, bacteria, and micro-organisms. This indoor air is continually re-circulated as the heating and cooling systems pull the air in to heat or cool it and then release it back into the room. Therefore, any contaminants present in the air continue to remain there, breeding and growing in numbers.

Breathing these contaminants in each day poses a health risks for many people living in Lexington, Kentucky. Therefore, it is possible that the air you are breathing is contaminated with radon, a radioactive gas known to be a carcinogen. Buildings located in Lexington, Kentucky are at higher risk of radon infiltration due to the fact that uranium, which forms radon as it breaks down, is located in the ground in that area. In order to safeguard your family or employees, you may need radon mitigation and air purification to remove all of contaminants existing in your air. First, before hiring a radon mitigation contractor, you should have your home properly tested by a radon mitigation company to determine if it is contaminated. If the results suggest that levels of radon found in your building are excessive, then you should contact a radon mitigation contractor to discuss the situation.

Clean the Air in Your Kentucky Home or Office Using an Ultraviolet Air Purification System

If you are concerned that the quality of the air you are breathing in Lexington, Kentucky every day is not as good as the air outside of the building, you may want to check into getting an UV air purification system installed. Originally used in hospitals the offices of governmental buildings, air purification systems are now available for everyone living in the Lexington, Kentucky area. An ultraviolet air purification system is designed to restore the quality of your indoor air, successfully removing contaminants.

What is UV Air Purification?

An ultraviolet air purification system uses a specially designed UV light that kills nearly 100% of the bacteria, germs, and viruses that exist in the indoor air of many Lexington, Kentucky buildings. Use of a UV air purification system effectively eliminates the air pollutants that cause people to become ill or experience allergic reactions. It operates using a special UV chamber where the micro-organisms are killed before the air is returned back into the home or office environment. UV air purification systems are available for sale in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Restore your home’s air to a higher quality of freshness today through the installation of an ultraviolet air purification system along with a through radon mitigation strategy.