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Lexington Radon Mitigation Needs

HUD Lexington Radon MitigationIn case you are not aware of the recent updates to the requirements of HUD, it is now mandatory that all HUD financed multi-family homes have a radon test. Once the test is completed, if the results show high levels of radon gas, then a Lexington radon mitigation system will be required to be installed. This way we can ensure that all rental properties are safe from this gas, and that you are up to date with latest HUD requirements.

Why has radon gas become so much of a concern for HUD, and the citizens of Lexington? Radon gas kills over 20,000 people each year in the format of lung cancer. It has become so dangerous that one out of every seven cases of lung cancer are actually caused by radon gas. While smoking cigarettes is still the second leading cause of lung cancer, so having a mitigation system installed, and a test is extremely important to make sure that your Lexington home is safe.

Lexington Radon Mitigation Regulations

If you want to make sure that your investment property is up to the latest regulations of HUD, you will have to follow this guideline very closely. It is important that you have a radon test conducted. A radon test will be able to provide you with the necessary results to determine whether or not your home is safe. The only way to determine whether or not this gas has invaded your home is through having a test conducted. This gas is both odorless and colorless, meaning that there is no other possible way of determining whether or not this gas has entered without a test. There is a short term test, and a long term test. The short term test may take as short as a few days. Regardless of which test you choose, be sure to have your doors and windows closed as much as possible to get the most accurate test results.

If the test results are high, then Lexington radon mitigation will be necessary. A Lexington radon mitigation system will be able to provide the necessary mitigation you will need in order to reduce the levels of gas in your home. Now with the HUD regulations being a requirement, you will have to be certain that each unit of your Lexington home has the proper testing and mitigation as required.

If you are about to choose a Lexington radon mitigation company, you need to think about the qualifications of each company. S.W.A.T. Environmental has decades of experience in the radon business, and we are certified to properly treat your home. A properly installed mitigation system can reduce the levels of radon gas by as much as 99%. Call us for a free quote on Lexington radon mitigation, and be certain that your home is safe from radon gas, and is in line with the HUD regulations that are required.

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Regulation in Place to Reduce Radon Lung Cancer in Lexington

Radon Lung CancerIn real estate situations, we often are not fully aware of what we are getting ourselves into. In Lexington, KY, when you purchase a home, you want to ensure that there has been a full inspection in order to make for certain that your investment is protected. While we take this proper care for our own homes, we may still overlook some problems that are hard to find. Issues with plumbing, or the foundation are hopefully fully inspected in order to know what you are getting yourself into, but radon gas is something that is not always tested for, resulting in radon lung cancer.

In Lexington, KY, radon gas is a serious threat. If your home has not been protected through having a mitigation system installed, you could be at risk. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and kills 21,000 people each year. If you are a tenant or renting your home, then you may not have all of the necessary inspections completed on your Lexington home to ensure that it is safe. Often, tenants and renters are the ones who get the short end of the stick when it comes to safety.

Where Radon Lung Cancer Comes From

Radon gas forms deep in the soil beneath homes in Lexington, and makes its way through foundations and into homes. It may also enter the water supply, even if you are not located directly above it. Regardless of how it gets into your home, mitigation is the only way to properly remove it. Radon testing is the only way to determine if your home is being effected as the gas is both colorless and odorless. In order to know for sure if your home is in trouble, you will need a test. Without a test, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to whether or not the gas is trapped inside.

Luckily, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development has created a plan that should regulate the health of rental properties. Anyone who owns a multi-family home financed through HUD will be required to have a radon test to determine whether or not the home is infested with radon. If radon exists, then a mitigation system will be required to be installed in order to protect the home.

The American Lung Association is extremely proud of all the work HUD has done to make this possible. With these new regulations, you can be sure that renting a home in Lexington, KY has just got a lot safer. In addition to reducing radon lung cancer, other related gases will be reduced as well and overall lung health should be improved as an air purification system will reduce the amount of other gases present in the Lexington home. Celebrate with us, as the nation has just taken a step forward in Lexington, KY for radon mitigation with the help of HUD.

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Radon Mitigation in Schools in Lexington, KY is Needed

Radon Mitigation in Schools in LexingtonThe threat of radon gas on schools is a serious one. The nation is currently divided on the appropriate action that is necessary in order to improve school safety. If you do not know whether or not your Lexington, KY school has a high level of radon gas, then you need to contact your local school board superintendent, and tell them the importance of radon mitigation in schools. Radon mitigation in schools can help reduce the levels of radon, and provide the safety that your Lexington, KY school needs.

Radon gas forms deep in the soil beneath schools. Uranium which is naturally occurring in the soil, and as it breaks down, radon gas forms. This gas can enter the school and take over, building in concentration over time. Radon gas kills 20,000 people each year, meaning that radon is a serious threat to the health of our students, teachers, and faculty in Lexington, KY.

Radon Mitigation in Schools for Lexington Schools

New studies have proven that seventy thousands schools across America have high levels of radon gas. This equals about one out of five schools having dangerous levels of radon gas. This is not acceptable if we wish to protect all of our children. We need to reduce all of our schools radon levels through radon mitigation in schools.

Studies show that one out of every seven cases of lung cancer are actually caused by radon gas. This means that a large percentage of people who have never smoked a single cigarette are diagnosed with lung cancer. The sad truth about this is that a large portion of these cases could be avoided if radon mitigation in schools reduced the amount of radon inhaled on a daily basis.

A congress man in Iowa is proposing a bill in which all schools would be provided grant funding in order to test and reduce the amount of radon in schools. The grant funding would first be dispersed to all schools in order to allow them to test for radon gas in all classrooms. As the test results come back, will receive additional grant funding as needed to implement radon mitigation in schools. This would ensure all schools in Lexington, KY have adequate radon mitigation without having to sacrifice any sort of budget for education.

Now is the time for you to do your part and support radon mitigation in schools. By contacting local politicians, school teachers, principals, and other decision makers, you may be able to educate them on the importance of radon mitigation in schools. This radon mitigation in schools in Lexington, KY not only would affect our students, but all of our teachers and faculty as well. With your help, we can reduce the number of cases of lung cancer by preventing the 15% of avoidable lung cancer cases through radon mitigation in schools. Act now and save lives.

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Lexington, KY Residents Prepare for Radon Action Month

Radon Awareness Month Lexington KentuckyRadon action month is only one month away, and S.W.A.T. Environmental is asking you whether or not you are prepared. Taking time out of your day to prepare your Lexington, KY home for action against radon, or to further educate yourself on the dangers are both valuable ways to spend your time. No matter what you plan to do, be sure to fully prepare for radon action month, and to take action.

Residents of Lexington are in a tough situation as many homes in the Kentucky area may be at a greater risk of radon gas than other homes in the nation. Over 20,000 people die each year because of radon gas, and on average one out of every fifteen homes has dangerous levels of radon. This means that there is a good chance you could be destroying your health, and your family’s health. If you are headed on a one way trip to lung cancer, then this message is specifically for you. Take action, and prevent lung cancer by calling S.W.A.T. Environmental.

Ways to Take Action in Radon Action Month in Lexington

If you are looking for ways in which you can take action for radon action month, then we have several solutions for you. First, you may want to test your Lexington home to see if you are being affected. As mentioned, there are tons of homes that are affected by radon gas each year. Radon cannot be seen or smelled, so having a professional conduct a simple radon test is half the battle. This will allow you to know if further action is necessary.

If you have your radon testing results, you are halfway there to taking full control of your health during radon action month. If your Lexington home has high levels of radon gas, you can simply call a professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental, and quickly be speaking to experts on mitigation. We can reduce the levels of gas in your home by as much as 99%. Specializing in the least invasive methods, you will not even notice your mitigation system is attached to your Lexington home. You will be taking huge strides to improve the health of your family, and the health of anyone who enters your home by having us install an air purification system.

If you have already tested your home, and installed an air purification system, then you are definitely ahead of the curve. Do not think that your work is over. There are surely members of your family, and friend circle who have not tested their home, or installed a mitigation system even when it is needed. By giving a testimony of the dangers of radon, or simply reading statistics, you may quickly be able to protect your friends and family. More often than not, the statistics alone are powerful enough to save lives by convincing people of the importance of radon mitigation. Take action in Lexington, KY this radon action month.

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Lexington, KY Residents at Risk of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer and Radon Gas Mitigation in Lexington, KYWhen reading the title of this article it is easy to assume that this article is referring to those who are chain smokers, or those who are coal miners. This could not be further from the truth. This article is actually directed at ALL residents of Lexington, KY. Recent studies have shown that 16 percent of all cases of lung cancer are caused by radon gas. Radon gas occurs in the soil across the entire United States, and is natural formed as Uranium breaks down.

Whether or not you have ever heard of radon up until this point, it is easy for someone to understand the health concern. Radon gas is radioactive, and we all know that radioactive material causes cancer. Exposure to heavy concentrations of this gas would then obviously lead to cancer. The only things up for debate are whether or not your Lexington, KY home is located near a high levels of radon, and what the levels of health risks are.

Evidence has shown that radon gas causes 20,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. Research also shows that more than one out of seven lung cancer patients have been diagnosed with radon gas as the main cause. This means that even though you may have never touched a tobacco your entire life, radon gas may be adversely effecting your health.

Radon Gas Mitigation Systems in Lexington, KY

Now that you understand the dangers of radon gas, it is important that you take proper action. When I state proper action, I am more specifically referring to having a professional install a radon gas mitigation system. Radon gas mitigation may dramatically reduce the levels of gas in your home by as much as 99%. Hypothetically, you may be reducing your risk of lung cancer by as much as 99%.

The only way to know for sure whether or not your Kentucky home is being affected by this gas is through having a professional test to know the levels. If your test results show high levels of radon, then you know that you need a radon gas mitigation system, and that without one your health is at risk. The mistake that many Lexington residents make is not testing their home, and assuming that radon gas will not affect them. Although it seems like a long term affect, you do not see the results of smoking two packs a day immediately either. Radon may be your cause of death without action.

The other common mistake made is hiring a company with little experience in the radon industry. If the radon gas mitigation system is not properly installed, you may not be reducing the levels of radon as much as you could. S.W.A.T. Environmental has the experience you need to deliver a performance radon gas mitigation system that will reduce your levels to a safe zone.

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Lexington’s Air Quality Problem

Kentucky Indoor Air QualityAir quality in Lexington, Kentucky is something that is a great concern for many. Over forty years ago, the Clean Air Act was passed to help increase air quality throughout the United States. Sadly, many areas still suffer from poor air quality. The EPA has even set up an air quality index to allow us to know just how clean the air that we are breathing is.

The air quality index depicts four major factors to sum up the grade of Lexington, Kentucky’s air into a single number from 0-500. The level from zero to fifty indicates a safe environment for you and your family to breath. Unfortunately, while many areas have levels in the zero to fifty range, this number may quickly rise to 100 or even 200+ indicating an environment that causes health risks for nearly all citizens.

So how does the EPA get the air quality scale rating, and what are the determining factors? The air quality index is comprised of sulfur dioxide content, carbon monoxide content, particle pollution, and ground level ozone. Although nitrogen dioxide is not included in this, there has been much debate and talk, and it may be included in the future. Another key pollutant that is not included in the air quality index is radon gas. Part of the reason this may not be included is because of its’ nature to infect individual Kentucky homes at random. This is due to radon gas forming in the soil from broken down uranium, and because uranium may be nearly anywhere, it is hard to deem an entire county “Safe” without testing each individual home for radon gas.

Air Quality Effects Health in Lexington

Poor air quality is known to cause various forms of lung damage. Whether it be increased effects of asthma, permanent lung damage, loss of white blood cells, or increase of illness, there are many negative health effects of poor air quality. On top of these many health problems, there is another problem in the air you breath that can cause death.

Radon gas is known to cause death of 22,000 people each year in the form of lung cancer. Radon gas kills more people than drunk driving. This means that protecting your Kentucky home and family from these horrible gases and pollutants is a very important matter that you should take immediate action on.

Lexington residents can breathe worry free by having a professional from S.W.A.T. Environmental professionally install an air purification system. Air purification systems may reduce the levels of radon gas by as much as 99%, and reduce the level of other pollutants as well. This means that your risk of lung cancer, and other harmful diseases or illnesses is greatly diminished by improved air quality. Start breathing clean air today in your Lexington, KY home. Call us today for a free quote toll free at 1-800-NO-RADON.

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Lexington, Kentucky Radon Company Recognized

Inc. 5000 SWAT Environmental Radon Mitigation Lexington, KYRecently, the national radon mitigation company, S.W.A.T. Environmental, was the first radon mitigation company to ever appear on’s list of fastest growing companies within the United States. is a great source for all things business related. S.W.A.T. Environmental was ranked thirteenth fastest growing company in the environmental services industry, and is projected to have revenues of $12 million for the current year. With growth of 155% over the past three years, S.W.A.T. Environmental has been a stimulus package for Lexington, Kentucky.

Radon gas is a very dangerous element that is naturally occurring in our environment. While most things that are naturally occurring are good for you, radon gas is one of the exceptions. In the early 1900′s, radon gas was discovered and proven to be radioactive by Friedrich Dorn. This gas is invisible, so the only way to determine whether or not radon mitigation is needed is through radon testing. Radon testing may only take several days to complete, and will provide you with the information you need to determine if radon mitigation is needed.

Radon Mitigation in Lexington, KY

Once you receive your radon testing results back, it is important to take the appropriate action. Any levels above 4 pCi/L are deemed dangerous, and further action should be taken to rid your home or business of radon gas. If properly installed, your radon levels may reduce by up to ninety-nine percent. Roughly one out of every fifteen homes has above average levels of radon gas, meaning that there is a good chance that your Kentucky home is infested with this horrible gas.

One of the many reasons S.W.A.T. Environmental has been so successful is our attention to detail. S.W.A.T. Environmental prides itself on getting the job done correctly the first time. Radon mitigation is a science, and one that should be done correctly. With many years experience, tons of certifications, and the right mind set, you can rest assured that S.W.A.T. Environmental will know the best way to handle your radon mitigation, and use the best techniques to create a custom solution for your home. The most common way for radon gas to enter your home is through the foundation. As radon breaks down in your soil, it may seep up into your home. Although soil suction is a popular technique, radon may be entering through your water supply, or a different outlet. No matter how radon is entering your home, you can rest assured that we will treat it at its source.

S.W.A.T. Environmental Thanks Lexington, KY

S.W.A.T. Environmental would like to thank Kentucky residents for helping us become one of the nation’s fastest growing companies, and being the nation’s leading radon mitigation company. None of this would be possible without you. We deeply appreciate your business, and we enjoy safeguarding your home through radon mitigation. We look forward to sharing our service with others in the Lexington area, as radon gas continues to threaten Kentucky.

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Lexington Radon Testing

Radon Testing Lexington KentuckyMany southerners often are not aware of the danger of radon gas, as it has been pinned to most northeastern states. Radon testing has proven that southern states such as Kentucky are just as effected as other states, which means radon testing is necessary for your Lexington home. Some homes have been found to have radon levels that are equivalent to smoking 135 packs of cigarettes per day. We all know cigarettes are bad for our health, but did you know every year over 20,000 individuals die from lung cancer caused by radon gas, even though many have never smoked before? Radon testing can be the difference in spotting a threat, and being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Radon may enter your home in a variety of ways, whether it be through the soil and seeping through your foundation, or your Lexington water supply, or even the materials used to construct your home. Many people often assume that their Lexington home is not affected by this terrible gas, but roughly one out of every fifteen homes are affected. Tasteless, odorless, and colorless, the only way to know whether your home is affected is through radon testing.

Commercial Radon Testing in Lexington

Now that you are aware of the seriousness of this lethal gas, it is important that you test your home to ensure you are not breathing in toxic, radioactive air. Most of us spend nearly as much time at our jobs, as our home. If you are a business owner in Lexington, or an informed citizen, I highly recommend commercial radon testing. Lexington business owners and employees should not have to go to work in fear of being diagnosed with lung cancer later on in their life. Provide your employees with the peace of mind in knowing their building is safe, or if you are an employee, encourage your business owner to test your office.

Radon Mitigation Process for Lexington

If your radon testing results return levels of above 4 pCi/L, then a mitigation system may need to be installed. If your levels are below 4.0 pCi/L, then a mitigation system may not be necessary, as long as you test your Lexington home again in two to five years. Long term testing, which typically takes ninety days to complete, is the recommended method as it boasts the most accurate results. If you have not tested your Lexington home in a while, you may choose short term testing which will only take between two and seven days to complete.

Luckily, the nation’s largest radon mitigation company is located right in Lexington, KY. Your Kentucky home is in good hands with S.W.A.T. Environmental. Being a nationally trusted company specializing in radon since 1988, you can rest assured that a professional will create a custom air purification system to meet your home’s needs. We always offer a free quote so you have nothing to lose. Have a professional conduct radon testing, and if necessary call S.W.A.T. Environmental.

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Effects of Radon in Water for Lexington, Kentucky Residents

Radon in Water KentuckyRadon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas formed by decaying elements like uranium deep beneath the earth’s surface. The radon escapes from the earth’s crust through cracks in the bedrock and then either dissolves into the groundwater or seeps into people’s homes through cracks in their house’s foundation. If the water supply for your home has been contaminated by radon, you and your family could be at a serious health risk without even realizing it — a situation that has occurred more than once in and around Lexington, Kentucky.

Health Risks from Radon in Water

Exposure to high levels of radon in the home through inhalation has been linked to a significantly increased possibility of developing lung cancer. Drinking radon contaminated water has also been linked to stomach cancer, although this is a much less common occurrence. The real problem is not in drinking the waterborne radon, it is that radon is released into the air when the water is used, increasing the likelihood that it will be inhaled.

When you heat up water containing radon, radon particles are released into the air that you breathe. This means that every time you take a shower, wash your hands or use the dishwasher, more radon is being added to the air of your home. Of course, the more radon you inhale as time goes by, the greater your chances of developing cancer or another health problem.

Sources of Waterborne Radon

Most surface sources of the water that is pumped into your home are relatively free from radon. Any radon present in water that comes from lakes or reservoirs usually releases into the air long before it reaches your home. Therefore, most city water supplies that come from this type of system pose a reduced threat of carrying radon into a home, although it is still possible in some cases.

However, if your Lexington house is supplied by a well, you may be at a greater risk of having radon present in your water. Deep water wells that penetrate the bedrock, sometimes called artesian or drilled wells, are often contaminated because cracks in the bedrock allow radon to dissolve into the water. The chances of radon entering your home and infecting its air, therefore, are greater if your house is supplied by well water.

Testing for Radon in Water

Since radon is an invisible gas with no scent or other distinguishing characteristics to human senses, it is undetectable in both air and water without specialized testing. If you live in Lexington and use well water in your home, you should have your house tested for radon regularly. You can have SWAT Environmental’s experts perform the test, or you can buy a home version to use yourself. If the test reveals that there is radon present in your water supply, you can have SWAT’s experts install any necessary systems to purify it and to ensure that you are protected.

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Radon Abatement Lexington KentuckyIf your family’s safety is your top priority, you should be aware of the dangers of radon gas. Radon poisoning is a very serious condition that can potentially lead to long-term negative side effects for your health. Radon is originally created during the radioactive breakdown and decay of uranium deposits in the soil. The result is an odorless, tasteless and invisible gas. Its toxicity level is very high, though it may seem harmless simply because it is so difficult to detect. If your house contains accumulated radon gas, its radioactive attack on the body stealthily progresses without your knowledge, poisoning you gradually. Because radon poisoning is introduced via inhalation, it is a leading cause of lung cancer in those who are exposed to the harmful gas over a period of time. The adverse effects of radon poisoning may not be discovered until many years into the future. That is why prevention and detection are critical to keeping your health and your family’s health protected.

What Should I Do to Start Radon Abatement?

Detecting radon gas in your home is impossible through your senses alone. Therefore, several testing methods have been developed for quick detection. A home version of these tests can often be purchased at a local home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s.

There are four different types of passive tests: charcoal canister, charcoal liquid scintillation device, alpha track detector, or electret ion detector. These are normally used for only in one-time readings; however, some devices have the ability to provide continual readings of radon levels. These active devices are more expensive and often more advanced in technical capabilities, utilizing electricity to keep producing their readings.

To test, simply place one of the tests at breathing level in your basement and wait for between a couple of days to a week to collect the reading (the testing kit’s instructions will specify the exact waiting period necessary). You then send the test results to a laboratory that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The results are sent back to you, and if they are higher than 4.0 pCi/L, you should have the radon professionally removed by SWAT Environmental radon abatement technicians. Of course, many people have SWAT Environmental perform the testing as well to ensure that it is accurate.

Having Radon Abatement Performed

While there are a few “home remedy” types of radon abatement practices, they may or may not lower the levels safely. It is safer to rely on professional radon abatement experts from SWAT Environmental. They may use a variety of techniques. One common method is to install a soil suction system. Another is to install a fan-based mitigation system, also known as a sub-slab depressurization system. SWAT’s radon abatement experts will analyze your home to determine exactly what method will work best in your situation. After the radon abatement system is installed, you can rest easy, knowing that your family’s health is protected.