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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 03:10 PM
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Lexington’s Air Quality Problem

Kentucky Indoor Air QualityAir quality in Lexington, Kentucky is something that is a great concern for many. Over forty years ago, the Clean Air Act was passed to help increase air quality throughout the United States. Sadly, many areas still suffer from poor air quality. The EPA has even set up an air quality index to allow us to know just how clean the air that we are breathing is.

The air quality index depicts four major factors to sum up the grade of Lexington, Kentucky’s air into a single number from 0-500. The level from zero to fifty indicates a safe environment for you and your family to breath. Unfortunately, while many areas have levels in the zero to fifty range, this number may quickly rise to 100 or even 200+ indicating an environment that causes health risks for nearly all citizens.

So how does the EPA get the air quality scale rating, and what are the determining factors? The air quality index is comprised of sulfur dioxide content, carbon monoxide content, particle pollution, and ground level ozone. Although nitrogen dioxide is not included in this, there has been much debate and talk, and it may be included in the future. Another key pollutant that is not included in the air quality index is radon gas. Part of the reason this may not be included is because of its’ nature to infect individual Kentucky homes at random. This is due to radon gas forming in the soil from broken down uranium, and because uranium may be nearly anywhere, it is hard to deem an entire county “Safe” without testing each individual home for radon gas.

Air Quality Effects Health in Lexington

Poor air quality is known to cause various forms of lung damage. Whether it be increased effects of asthma, permanent lung damage, loss of white blood cells, or increase of illness, there are many negative health effects of poor air quality. On top of these many health problems, there is another problem in the air you breath that can cause death.

Radon gas is known to cause death of 22,000 people each year in the form of lung cancer. Radon gas kills more people than drunk driving. This means that protecting your Kentucky home and family from these horrible gases and pollutants is a very important matter that you should take immediate action on.

Lexington residents can breathe worry free by having a professional from S.W.A.T. Environmental professionally install an air purification system. Air purification systems may reduce the levels of radon gas by as much as 99%, and reduce the level of other pollutants as well. This means that your risk of lung cancer, and other harmful diseases or illnesses is greatly diminished by improved air quality. Start breathing clean air today in your Lexington, KY home. Call us today for a free quote toll free at 1-800-NO-RADON.

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