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Friday, November 30, 2012 @ 09:11 PM
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Lexington, KY Residents at Risk of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer and Radon Gas Mitigation in Lexington, KYWhen reading the title of this article it is easy to assume that this article is referring to those who are chain smokers, or those who are coal miners. This could not be further from the truth. This article is actually directed at ALL residents of Lexington, KY. Recent studies have shown that 16 percent of all cases of lung cancer are caused by radon gas. Radon gas occurs in the soil across the entire United States, and is natural formed as Uranium breaks down.

Whether or not you have ever heard of radon up until this point, it is easy for someone to understand the health concern. Radon gas is radioactive, and we all know that radioactive material causes cancer. Exposure to heavy concentrations of this gas would then obviously lead to cancer. The only things up for debate are whether or not your Lexington, KY home is located near a high levels of radon, and what the levels of health risks are.

Evidence has shown that radon gas causes 20,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. Research also shows that more than one out of seven lung cancer patients have been diagnosed with radon gas as the main cause. This means that even though you may have never touched a tobacco your entire life, radon gas may be adversely effecting your health.

Radon Gas Mitigation Systems in Lexington, KY

Now that you understand the dangers of radon gas, it is important that you take proper action. When I state proper action, I am more specifically referring to having a professional install a radon gas mitigation system. Radon gas mitigation may dramatically reduce the levels of gas in your home by as much as 99%. Hypothetically, you may be reducing your risk of lung cancer by as much as 99%.

The only way to know for sure whether or not your Kentucky home is being affected by this gas is through having a professional test to know the levels. If your test results show high levels of radon, then you know that you need a radon gas mitigation system, and that without one your health is at risk. The mistake that many Lexington residents make is not testing their home, and assuming that radon gas will not affect them. Although it seems like a long term affect, you do not see the results of smoking two packs a day immediately either. Radon may be your cause of death without action.

The other common mistake made is hiring a company with little experience in the radon industry. If the radon gas mitigation system is not properly installed, you may not be reducing the levels of radon as much as you could. S.W.A.T. Environmental has the experience you need to deliver a performance radon gas mitigation system that will reduce your levels to a safe zone.

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